Nick Sutterer

While Trailblazer offers you abstraction layers for all aspects of Ruby On Rails, it does not missionize you. Wherever you want, you may fall back to the "Rails Way" with fat models, monolithic controllers, global helpers, etc. This is not a bad thing, but allows you to step-wise introduce Trailblazer's encapsulation in your app without having to rewrite it.
Trailblazer is all about structure. It helps re-organize existing code into smaller components where different concerns are handled in separated classes. Forms go into form objects, views are object-oriented MVC controllers, the business logic happens in dedicated domain objects backed by completely decoupled persistence objects

Luca Guidi

It's about a decade that we use Ruby for the web. Some of the products of these years have tons of messy code, slow builds and painful upgrades to deal with. If your application uses fat models AND fat controllers, you've got the point.
Lotus is a minimal, but yet powerful framework that is focused on good object oriented design, testability and speed. You will learn about the patterns that it implements to solve these problems and to push Ruby performance to the limit.
We need new ideas to evolve as a Community and as individuals. Good news are that you can apply them on today. Let's talk together!

Alberto Brandolini

Event storming recipes

Jim Gay

The Missing System

Call for Papers

There’s a special website, where you can submit your talk proposals. The way we prepare the agenda is to look at the proposals and see which talks serve our vision the best. We’re then contacting the speakers directly. This means that the sooner you submit the proposal, the more chance you have to influence our vision.

The mission

The main goal of the conference is very clear. We want to help Ruby professionals become better at what they do. Wroc_love.rb serves best to people who are already fluent with Ruby. The ideas presented at our conference are very advanced. They are meant to inspire the way we write code, the way we help our clients and users. It’s not uncommon for us to present you ideas that come from the Java and .NET worlds, we believe that their ideas can have a great influence on our community. There are good reasons, why our conference is called “the best Java conference in the Ruby world”.


Our goal is to ensure a good environment to learn and discuss. We love confronting ideas, even when it’s uncomfortable to the Ruby status-quo. We love experimenting with new formats of talks and discussions, like fights, fishbowls and crowd-moderated discussion panels. Everything that can inspire the Ruby programmers is more than welcome at our conference. Let us know, what you’d be interested in experimenting with!

Inspiration and safety

Conferences are not only about listening. Most of the value comes from talking to each other. Our mission is to create an inspiring, thoughtful, creative and safe space to everyone involved. The venue is known to be of good quality - it’s a University of Wroclaw building. It has many ways to ensure safety of all the people inside like monitoring and special security people.
As part of our goal, we’re dedicated to react to all situations that we’ll be notified, ideally directly to us.There will be a special phone number, you can call at any time to let us know about any problem or ask any question.
Additionally, there will be a special team of student volunteers who will be visible during the conference (If you want to join the team, please let us know). Student volunteers are here to help find your way around and resolve any problem. It is needless to say that this conference is a place for good people, only. Good people respect each other, are nice to each other, smile, and make everyone (without exceptions) feel comfortable.

Who we are

Wroc_love.rb started as an activity of the DRUG (Wroclaw User Group) organization. However, over time, people loved it so much that the organization team grew to much more than that. Wroc_love.rb is now organized by Rubyists from many different Polish regions.

Buy tickets

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If you like our mission, then you can help us by buying a special supporter ticket. It’s 600 EUR. This ticket guarantees your logo on the website and on the videos. Your company would join other already confirmed supporters like: